Keep rainwater flowing the right way.

Overgrown gutters can soon become blocked, making a building look unsightly and causing expensive reparation work.  Professional Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd use a variety of methods to reach previously inaccessible gutters, keeping your building clean and your image professional.

Our state of the art GutterVac system allows us to clear gutters up to 50 ft (four floors) high. With minimal disturbance to building occupants, this high-powered vacuum system quickly and thoroughly clears your gutters of dirt and debris.

We also use different mobile elevated work platforms, or cherry pickers, to reach higher or difficult to reach areas. By using this variety of cleaning methods, we are able to ensure that your drains and gutters are working as they should – no matter where they are!

Contact us now to see how we can help you prevent leaks, floods and general mess.